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Nigella Lawson joins "MasterChef" as a guest judge on this week's episode.

It took Gordon Ramsay 10 years to get Nigella Lawson as a judge on ‘MasterChef.’ Watch her surprise the show’s final 4 contestants.

Nigella Lawson joins "MasterChef" on Wednesday's episode as a guest judge. Watch an exclusive sneak peek from Insider as she joins the show.
Ronda Rousey.

Ronda Rousey posted a graphic photo of the bloody, mangled finger that surgeons had to reattach to her after a ‘freak accident’ on a film ...

"I returned to filming the next day," the former UFC star said of the incident, which happened on the set of hit Fox drama series "9-1-1."
Sophie Turner as Jean Grey in "Dark Phoenix."

The acclaimed writer of X-Men story ‘The Dark Phoenix Saga’ opens up about Hollywood’s 2 attempts at bringing it to life — and...

Celebrated comic-book writer Chris Claremont talks about "Dark Phoenix," "X-Men: The Last Stand," and his biggest "X-Men" movie regret.
"New Mutants"

Disney is reportedly unhappy with Fox’s ‘New Mutants,’ and it’s a sign the troubled ‘X-Men’ spin-off could hit Hul...

"New Mutants," a spin-off of Fox's "X-Men" franchise, has been delayed three times, but evidence is mounting that it could head straight to streaming.
"The Art of Racing in the Rain"

Disney endured another box-office flop from Fox with ‘The Art of Racing in the Rain’

"The Art of Racing in the Rain" was another flop for the Disney-Fox merger at the box office this weekend.
Steven Spielberg's "West Side Story" is an anticipated upcoming Fox title.

The 14 Fox movies Disney plans to release in theaters from 2020 onward, and their chances of getting pulled

Disney's acquisition of Fox hasn't been an instant success and the studio suffered a $170 million quarterly loss due to box-office dud "Dark Phoenix."
Former "The Walking Dead" star Tom Payne is going to lead his own show on Fox this fall called "Prodigal Son."

Tom Payne is starring on a new TV show, but he’s still deeply connected to ‘The Walking Dead’

The actor speaks with INSIDER about his new Fox show "Prodigal Son," cutting his hair, and his reaction to Robert Kirkman's "TWD" comic ending in July.
It's longer than the average cat.

Experts are scratching their heads over a mysterious new species called a ‘cat-fox’ found wandering on a French island

A new species of cat was discovered on Corsica, off the coast of France. Dubbed "cat-fox," it looks like a cat and acts like a fox.
"Dark Phoenix."

In the worst opening weekend ever for an ‘X-Men’ movie, ‘Dark Phoenix’ made just $33 million

'Dark Phoenix' is the final X-Men movie released before Disney takes over the franchise, and the studio certainly has some work ahead of it.
"Dark Phoenix."

‘Dark Phoenix’ had a weak start at the box office and could have the worst US opening of any X-Men movie

The latest X-Men movie, "Dark Phoenix," is projected to earn between $45 million and $55 million its opening weekend at the box office.