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Luxury goods giants LVMH and Kering are backtracking on a plan to accept government assistance for staff

The luxury goods giants had initially placed staff on the French government's "partial activity" scheme.
A rescue crew had to save a man who broke a shelter-in-place order to look for cheap cigarettes.

A Frenchman was rescued from mountains after leaving home and trying to walk to Spain for cheap cigarettes

A rescue crew ended up needing to save the man who got lost in the mountains and fell into a stream.

Italy, Spain, and France reported declines in daily coronavirus death tolls. Their governments don’t plan to lift national lockdowns and social ...

"We are suffering very much. It's a devastating pain," Italy's Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said on Sunday.
A man carries groceries during a nationwide coronavirus near Durban, South Africa.

2 top French doctors said on live TV that coronavirus vaccines should be tested on poor Africans, leaving viewers horrified

Jean-Paul Mira and Camille Locht carried out the discussion on live French TV, leaving viewers including top African soccer players furious.

Dior reopened its factory so volunteer artisans can start making hand-sewn masks

The Baby Dior workshop in Redon reopened on Tuesday. Volunteers are working to create masks for those "on the front line" of the coronavirus crisis.
A photo of the spire of Notre Dame collapsing on April 15, 2019, and a photo of two tourists posing in front of it during the coronavirus pandemic on March 20, 2020.

It’s been almost a year since Notre-Dame was ravaged by fire. Here’s what’s being done to save it and where the $954 million promise...

A fire consumed the roof and spire of Notre-Dame de Paris on April 15, 2019. Within 72 hours, France's superrich pledged millions of euros.
Karim Benzema has taken aim at Olivier Giroud.

A Real Madrid striker called himself a ‘Formula One car,’ and his international teammate a ‘go-kart’ in an astonishing outburs...

Benzema has not played for France since 2015, while Giroud has since scored 28 times and lifted the World Cup.

France turned one of its high-speed trains into an ambulance to transport coronavirus patients across the country

"It will allow us to rotate patients around France, and even around Europe, if we need to," said the doctor in charge of transporting the patients.
A view from the author's window.

I’m an American locked down in Paris, where police patrol the streets and people cheer hospital workers from their windows. Here’s how I p...

"I'm grateful to be living in France, where there is universal healthcare and where the president has chosen to save human lives over the economy."
An Italian soldier stands guard in front of the Turin Synagogue on March 18, 2020, during a nationwide lockdown over the coronavirus.

Western countries only seem capable of social distancing when their governments force them

As governments urge people to stay at home, pictures on social media still show crowded streets and parks in places like France, Britain, and the US.