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My favorite part of Monaco by far was the quiet, charming historical quarter.

I spent 5 days in Monaco for the Monaco Yacht Show, and my favorite part of the city was the unassuming historical quarter, far from the glitz and gla...

Monaco's old town, with its colorful, narrow streets, ice cream shops, museums, and casual restaurants, was charming and laid-back.
Monaco may look pretty from a distance, but up close it's dense and sort of ugly.

I spent 5 days in a French Riviera city known for its lavish wealth, and I was surprised by how ugly it was

Monaco has a reputation for its lavish wealth, glitz, and old Hollywood glam. But the city is actually kind of ugly.
The French Riviera town has been nicknamed the "Peninsula of Billionaires."

What it’s like to vacation in the exclusive community on the French Riviera nicknamed the ‘Peninsula of Billionaires,’ where royalty...

The seaside Mediterranean village of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat has earned the nickname the "Peninsula of Billionaires" due to its opulent historic villas owned by millionaires.