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Multiple children and adults were treated for jet fuel exposure at Park Avenue Elementary School in Cudahy on Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2020.

A Delta pilot may have dumped jet fuel on schoolkids because of poor communication with air traffic control

FAA investigators are looking into why the Delta flight crew dumped fuel even though they told air traffic control at LAX that they wouldn't.
Delta Airlines flight 89, seen dumping fuel over Los Angeles.

The Delta pilot who dumped jet fuel on schoolkids told air-traffic control moments before that he wasn’t going to do it

Radio transcripts record air-traffic control asking Delta Flight 89 whether it needed to dump fuel. The fuel was dumped despite a reply of "negative."

There’s a new website comparing petrol prices – and it calculates all promotions to tell you which brand’s the cheapest

With so many different credit card discounts and promotions, it's tough for drivers to compare prices.
FILE PHOTO: People walk near a burnt bank, after protests against increased fuel prices, in Tehran

Video evidence appears to show Iranian security forces ‘shooting to kill’ protesters after demonstrations broke out, UN says

Iranian security forces are using "severe violence" on protesters to quell anti-government unrest, UN human rights chief Michelle Bachelet said.

Malaysia could be removing its price cap for RON95 petrol soon

A new petrol subsidy is being finalised, and will be implemented once the list of B40 recipients has been updated.

Malaysia lowers capped price of RON95 petrol to RM2.08 – and it will remain the same, even if the market price exceeds this

The retail price will be capped using subsidies if global prices increase significantly.

Trump has access to a little-used tool that could lower oil prices

President Donald Trump is concerned about rising oil prices. And ahead of midterms, where they could hurt his party, some analysts wonder whether the president might turn to tapping a federal oil stockpile called the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.
North Korean soldiers carrying the North Korean flag and shovels march after working at the farmland on the outskirts of the North Korean city of Sinuiju in this picture taken on October 18, 2006 in the Chinese border city of Dandong, Liaoning Province of China.

There’s a surprisingly mundane reason North Korea didn’t launch a missile for 74 days

North Korea's need to feed its people is likely the reason behind the regime going nearly two and a half months without a missile launch.

Why you can’t fly a plane to space

Why can't you f...