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Google's new hardware range.

The 11 coolest announcements Google made at its biggest product event of the year

Google made dozens of announcements in its 75-minute event to unveil its Pixel 3 smartphone, but a handful of "wow" moments stole the show.

Here’s everything Amazon announced at its huge September event

Amazon held a special event on Thursday to unveil a slew of new products that broaden the Echo family and bring Alexa to new devices. Let's dive in.
Danish audio company Bang & Olufsen unveiled the Beosound Edge, a rolling speaker that costs over $3,700.

7 of the coolest gadgets announced at IFA 2018, Europe’s biggest tech show of the year

Europe's largest consumer electronics show is underway in Berlin, and companies like Lenovo, Sony, and Sennheiser have announced innovative, exciting, and quirky new products.

This GIF nails how the iPhone X could be the foundation for Apple’s rumored smart glasses

The iPhone X is the first real smartphone capable of augmented reality — the same technology Apple is banking on for its rumored smart glasses.

Here’s how Amazon’s Fire TV with 4K stacks up to the Apple TV 4K

There are some notable technical differences between the latest 4K streaming devices from Apple and Amazon.

5 tech products everyone should own in 2018

Every single year, technology keeps getting demonstrably better and more powerful. But what's actually worth owning?

We don’t need tech to become less addictive — we just need it to be better

Many have expressed worry over tech addiction recently. But most people just need tech to serve them better.
Intel CEO Brian Krzanich will open CES soon after his company disclosed a security vulnerability that affects nearly all its processors.

Never mind the gadgets, here’s what to look for at CES

New gadgets get lots of hype at the annual tech trade show CES. But trends such as voice computing and augmented reality will be more significant.
The iPhone X is a beautiful, deeply flawed device.

I’ve been using my iPhone X for nearly a month, and I’ve decided I hate it

I realized during this ordeal that I don't need to be on the cutting edge of technology — I just need a phone that works for me.