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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 explanation didn’t go far enough

Did Samsung cut corners to rush the product out ahead of the iPhone 7? Did anyone know that the battery had the potential to be defective?

Verizon will disable the Galaxy Note 7 with a software update on December 19

Verizon originally said it wouldn't push the update.

Samsung apologized for the Note 7 debacle in an open letter to customers

Samsung wrote an open letter to customers promising

Samsung’s culture needs to change if it wants to survive

Following the Galaxy Note 7 recall, Samsung is undergoing a transition.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 disaster has killed its mobile profits

The latest victim of the Galaxy Note 7's combusting ways is Samsung's quarterly earnings.

Samsung might be making the Galaxy Note 8 after all

A new report contradicts rumors that Samsung would discontinue the line of Galaxy Note devices.

Samsung will replace your Note 7 at the airport before you fly

Samsung's answer for airplane passengers who aren't aware of the Note 7's danger, or who haven't bothered to get rid of their device.

Lots of people are still using the recalled Samsung phone that catches on fire

They should power down and return them for a refund.

Samsung will give you a $100 credit if you exchange your recalled Galaxy Note 7 for another Samsung phone

Samsung is using a new offer to keep users loyal to Galaxy phones.