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Samsung will reveal the Galaxy S9 in February

Samsung debunked rumors that it would announce the Galaxy S9 at CES this week, saying its launch event will take place during Mobile World Congress next month.

You can now buy the Samsung Galaxy S8 in a gorgeous new color

Fans of the coral blue S8 can finally buy one in the US.

Samsung is bringing back the Galaxy Note 7 with a new ‘Fan Edition’

The refurbished device is identical to the original Note 7, save for, of course, a newly designed battery.

Here’s Samsung’s newest phone, the Galaxy S8

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, the company's two latest flagship phones.

A Samsung store caught fire the day before the Galaxy S8 announcement

The fire's timing in unfortunate considering the Galaxy Note 7 battery-fire fiasco.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 explanation didn’t go far enough

Did Samsung cut corners to rush the product out ahead of the iPhone 7? Did anyone know that the battery had the potential to be defective?

Verizon will disable the Galaxy Note 7 with a software update on December 19

Verizon originally said it wouldn't push the update.