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Black Friday deals sold out at stores like Walmart and Target before Friday even began — and people are furious

Major Black Friday deals, such as the Nintendo Switch and the Instant Pot, sold out on Thursday, infuriating shoppers.

GameStop surges after announcing it’s selling its AT&T Wireless stores for $700 million

GameStop shares exploded by as much as 18% on Wednesday after news that the company had agreed to sell its Spring Mobile business for $700 million.
GameStop employee Randi Taber (L) sells a copy of 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3' to Chris Fowler of Nevada during a launch event for the highly anticipated video game at a GameStop Corp. store November 7, 2011 in North Las Vegas, Nevada. Video game publisher Activision released the eighth installment in the ''Call of Duty' franchise at midnight on November 8.

GameStop slides after missing on earnings and saying it’s still looking into a sale

Shares of GameStop slide early Friday after the video-game retailer beat on sales but missed on profits and said it is engaging with third parties to consider a potential sale of the company.

How to find out when and where you can pre-order the Nintendo NES Classic Edition

Nintendo hasn't announced which stores will host pre-releases and sell the NES Classic, but we can at least tell you which stores to look out for if you're hoping to snag Nintendo's $60 mini NES when it becomes available again on June 29.

The new $80 Super Nintendo is about to launch — here’s how you can get one

If you're at all interested in buying the new, mini Super Nintendo that arrives September 29, you need to get ready now.

The largest game retailer in the world is having trouble selling the Xbox One

With a newer, more powerful Xbox One on the horizon, the largest game retailer in the world says its having a hard time selling the original Xbox One.

Nintendo’s approach to selling the $80 Super Nintendo is an anti-consumer fiasco

Nothing about the way Nintendo is handling preorders for the Super NES Classic Edition is consumer-friendly.

GameStop exec says the Nintendo Switch will have supply issues until 2018

If you've been waiting to get your hands on a Nintendo Switch, you may have to wait a whole lot longer.

GameStop tanks after missing on sales and signaling it will close some stores this year

GameStop's earnings in the fourth quarter were hurt by aggressive Black Friday deals its competitors gave their customers.

Microsoft says its newest Xbox service won’t kill GameStop after all

Microsoft says that GameStop and other stores will resell access to the Xbox Game Pass service.