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Nintendo is bringing back its classic NES controller for the Switch, but now it’s wireless — take a look

With Nintendo Entertainment System games now available on the Nintendo Switch, the Japanese gaming giant is planning to release wireless NES-style gamepads for the first time ever.

The most anticipated game of the year will be missing a major online component when it comes out in October

When "Red Dead Redemption 2" launches on October 26, the online multiplayer wont be ready to play.
The PlayStation Classic is said to be 45% smaller than the original PlayStation console.

A $100 mini version of the original PlayStation is on the way with 20 games packed in — here are the games included

Sony is taking a smart play from Nintendo's playbook in rereleasing the original PlayStation console this winter. So, what games are on the console? Here's what we know so far.

It looks like Nintendo could release a miniature Nintendo 64 console to compete with the new Sony PlayStation Classic

A trademark filing in Europe filed in 2017 points to Nintendo making a miniature Nintendo 64 with a game library built-in, along the lines of the NES Classic Edition.
The YouTube Gaming app launched in 2015, but failed to build a core audience.

YouTube is overhauling its gaming section — and now it looks more like Twitch

YouTube Gaming will become a part of the main YouTube site as the streaming service struggles to build engagement for fans of video games.

Sony just announced a $100 mini version of the original PlayStation — here’s everything we know about the PlayStation Classic

Following in the enormously successful footsteps of Nintendo, Sony's releasing a miniature version of its original PlayStation console this December. It's called PlayStation Classic, and it costs $100.
The PlayStation Classic.

The original PlayStation is coming back in miniature form with 20 classic games pre-loaded

PlayStation is launching a miniature version of its original PlayStation console in December. The PlayStation Classic will be about 45% smaller than its original counterpart and will come with 20 classic games pre-loaded, including 'Final Fantasy VII' and 'Tekken 3.'

‘Fortnite’ streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins says he once received a $40,000 donation while playing the game

Tyler Blevins, the world's most famous streamer and esports competitor best known as 'Ninja', will grace the cover of ESPN the Magazine in October.

‘Sega Genesis Classics’ will bring more than 50 retro games to the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch owners will soon be able to play more than 50 retro Sega Genesis games on the go.
Run, Toad! Run for your life!

Stormy Daniels compares Trump’s privates to ‘the mushroom character in Mario Kart’

Stephanie "Stormy Daniels" Clifford has a new book about President Trump, and Nintendo's adorable Super Mario character — Toad — makes a special appearance.