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Almost everything at Banana Republic was on sale.

We visited Banana Republic and J.Crew to see which was a better store, and the winner was clear

Banana Republic and J.Crew compete to reach the same customers, but they both have struggled in recent years. The stores have been criticized for their styles, prices, and quality. We compared the shopping experience at both — here's the verdict.
Lululemon's Align Pant retails for $98.

Lululemon keeps its prices high, and it’s a brilliant business move

Lululemon keeps discounting to a minimum, and analysts say this has helped it find success. "Customers know they must pay the full price if they want the product," writes Neil Saunders of GlobalData Retail.

Gap plunges on earnings

Gap reported a disappointing first-quarter which missed EBITDA and earnings estimates due to the Gap brand weighing on company margins. However, its Old Navy and Athleta brands continue to show strength and Jefferies recommended the company reduce exposure to the Gap brand at a faster pace.
Gap is known for its frequent sales.

Gap is doubling down on one of retail’s deadliest mistakes

Gap Inc. reported disappointing 2018 first-quarter earnings for its namesake brand on Thursday. Same-store sales were down 4%, and heavy discounting weighed on profit margins.
Gap frequently runs huge sales.

Gap’s constant discounts come with a hidden downside that’s infuriating loyal customers

Some Gap customers are complaining that the store's discounting policies are too complicated. Gap Cash rewards shoppers with coupons when they make purchases, but it cannot be combined with some of the store's other promotions.
Gap T-Shirt with map of China.

Gap is the latest US company to apologize to China, but at the same time it’s quietly protesting

Gap apologized for selling a T-shirt that depicts China without Taiwan, South Tibet, or the South China Sea, and said it "respects the sovereignty and territorial integrity of China." Marriott and Zara were forced to issue apologies earlier this year after listing Taiwan and Hong Kong as countries.
Old Navy has become Gap Inc.'s secret weapon.

Gap’s CEO has a plan to make the company’s secret weapon more powerful

Old Navy is Gap's saving grace, and its CEO wants to see more of it.
Denim is back in vogue.

A dominant American clothing style is back from the dead — but athleisure has changed it forever

Calvin Klein and American Eagle are leading the charge that's made denim cool again.
Customers are praising the ad online.

Gap has a new ad that shows a woman breastfeeding — and people are going crazy for it

Gap posted an image of a woman breastfeeding a baby to its Instagram page.