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One of Facebook’s top dealmakers is joining Pinterest to scoop up more companies

Gary Johnson, one of Facebook's top dealmakers, is joining Pinterest to head up all corporate development.

Stephen Colbert comes up with crazy conspiracy theories about Trump and Clinton

Stephen Colbert took on the copious conspiracy theories from both parties this year by coming up with his own elaborate political hoaxes on "The Late Show."

Gary Johnson blows up when interviewer presses him on his tax policy

Johnson tried to steer the conversation toward marijuana legalization.

Facebook now lets you officially endorse a presidential candidate

You may already "like" Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton on Facebook, but the social network is now letting you go a step further by endorsing them.

John Oliver: Why you really shouldn’t vote third party in the election

John Oliver on "Last Week Tonight" properly vetted the two prominent third-party candidates for president, Jill Stein and Gary Johnson.

Hillary Clinton is making a huge comeback with the 2 most significant groups of voters

A Friday poll from Quinnipiac University showed Hillary Clinton made huge gains with both millennial and independent voters.

Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson couldn’t name the leader of North Korea

Gary Johnson was careful to avoid making another gaffe when he was quizzed about Kim Jong Un.

Gary Johnson: Knowledge of world geography allows leaders ‘to put our military in harm’s way’

Gary Johnson said being able to "dot the I's and cross the T's on foreign leaders and geographical locations" could be a dangerous quality in a leader.

Gary Johnson’s running mate said no one is ‘more qualified than Hillary Clinton to be president’

The Libertarian nominee's own running mate initially failed to name him as the most qualified presidential candidate.

Gary Johnson reportedly once asked an aide: ‘Who’s Harriet Tubman?’

Gary Johnson had an Aleppo moment months before the actual Aleppo moment.