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Two caterers have been suspended after 39 people got gastroenteritis, including 3 who were hospitalised

The kitchens of both the catering services involved are located on the same floor of the Shimei East Kitchen.

Over 20 students have fallen ill after eating at an NUS residential college – they showed symptoms of gastroenteritis, including diarrhoea and v...

A source familiar with the situation said that the students dined at the Ridge View Residential College on Tuesday and Wednesday.

PCF Sparkletots food poisoning: Reported cases rise to 184, children from three more centres affected

This brings the total number of centres with affected children to seven.

15 taken to hospital after 109 develop gastroenteritis at PCF Sparkletots outlets; caterer suspended

This is the third case of gastroenteritis in pre-schools in recent months.

Scientists say toxic bacteria that could lead to wound infections and gastroenteritis were found on microplastics on Singapore’s coastline

All of these bacteria may be transferred up the food chain – to humans – if they are ingested by marine organisms.

Following spate of food poisoning cases, Singapore introduces stiffer penalties for establishments with poor hygiene practices

In appropriate cases, NEA and AVA will also press for deterrent sentences to be imposed by the court.

NEA terminates Spize restaurant’s River Valley outlet licences following fatal food poisoning outbreak

The agency will also be pressing charges in court, after it found an "unusually severe" salmonella outbreak in its investigations into seven food poisoning incidents between Nov 6 and 9.

175 food poisoning cases linked to 4 events held at Mandarin Orchard’s grand ballroom

Members of the public who have visited the hotel's grand ballroom are advised to monitor their health status closely.

42 fall ill after banquet meal at Mandarin Orchard, 4 hospitalised

There have been three other separate food poisoning incidents in the last four weeks.

131 people, including kindergarten children, down with gastroenteritis after consuming food from FoodTalks

The victims included Kindergarten 2 children and teachers who were attending a learning camp.