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Butte County, California firefighter Lydia Soileau (R) helps 17-year-old Ginette Rochon from Canada put out a fire with an extinguisher during 'live fire' training at Camp Blaze July 10, 2002 in Oakland, California.

One of Wall Street’s favorite forecasts for the US economy is looking red-hot, but it may not last

The Atlanta Fed’s GDPNow model forecasts 4.1% growth for the second quarter, which would be the strongest in nearly four years. But historically, such big spikes in the estimate have been short-lived and followed by weaker growth.

The UK’s ‘credit impulse’ just went sharply negative, and that explains why the Bank of England did not raise interest rates to...

The fact that interest rates did not rise suggests the Bank of England regards itself as nursing a battered economy through a weak patch, not trying to curb the inflationary tendencies of high growth.
Venice Beach, Los Angeles, vs. London, England.

California’s economy is now the 5th-biggest in the world, and has overtaken the United Kingdom

California's economy grew to $2.747 trillion in 2017, eclipsing the United Kingdom's $2.625 trillion figure and leaving it effectively sixth on the world stage, according to data from the US Department of Commerce.

US GDP blows past estimates despite slowdown in consumer spending

US gross domestic product grew faster than expected in the first quarter — but consumer spending, its biggest contributor, slowed.
Texas had an impressive 5.2% GDP growth rate in Q4 2017.

How quickly each US state’s economy is growing, in one map

The US Bureau of Economic Analysis recently released estimates for how quickly each state's economy grew in the fourth quarter of 2017. Texas' GDP grew at a 5.2% annualized rate, while North Dakota's fell 1.3%.
A woman carries a British union flag design umbrella as she walks past the Houses of Parliament in London, Britain

Britain is the only major economy on earth where growth is slowing

The ONS released the third estimate of GDP growth for the fourth quarter of 2017 on Thursday.