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‘Joker’ scores an October 2nd weekend record at the box office, while ‘Gemini Man’ bombs

"Joker" hardly lost a step in its second weekend in theaters while "Gemini Man" performed below industry projections.
"Gemini Man."

‘Gemini Man’ is pacing to be a huge box-office flop this weekend and lose its studio millions

The Paramount Pictures movie was made for a reported $138 million because of its state-of-the-art computer graphics and shooting style.
"Gemini Man."

‘Gemini Man’ was made in such a technically advanced way that zero movie theaters in the US can show it as intended

Business Insider spoke with several movie-theater executives to understand why Ang Lee's "Gemini Man" is so hard to show the way he made it.
"Gemini Man."

‘Gemini Man’ starring Will Smith is an astounding technical achievement with a truly terrible story

Ang Lee's latest movie shot in the incredible sharp 120 frames per second is beautiful to look at but really dull to watch.