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Women still make up a minority of leadership positions at the biggest tech companies

Recent data suggests that women make up less than 50% of leadership positions at companies like Facebook, Amazon, and Google.
Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff (left) with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Why Canada’s handsome, feminist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is hanging out with tech billionaire Marc Benioff

Trudeau and Benioff are discussing Salesforce's $2 billion investment in Canada but they are also talking about other political issues.

A brilliant New Yorker cartoon reveals the sad truth about women at work

To say that women walk a tightrope in the workplace would be an understatement.

The Google memo writer has hired a GOP official to be his lawyer and she’s already gathering facts

Damore has claimed he was fired for expressing a conservative point of view.

Women who work for Google are highly satisfied with the company — with one glaring exception

If you want to know what it's really like to be a woman working at Google, it's best to ask the women. For the most part they are satisfied with the company.

The engineer Google fired over the diversity memo has filed a complaint with federal labor officials

The fired Google engineer filed a complaint related to the diversity memo he wrote.

Julian Assange wants to hire the Google engineer who got fired for writing the controversial Google manifesto

The guy that caused days of non-stop controversy at Google and in the Valley can apparently go work at Wikileaks should he want to.

A senior engineer at Google wrote a manifesto against diversity and employees are furious

The document, which was shared widely within the company, reportedly said biological differences are responsible for the lack of women in the tech workforce.

Many still prefer to work with men over women – and it shows why women face an uphill battle

A large group of people, mostly men, don't want to work with women, don't think they should have to, and don't think there is a problem.