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It's a boy!

You can now buy ‘Gender Reveal Lasagna’ with pink or blue cheese — and people hate it

Villa Italian Kitchen is selling lasagna with pink or blue cheese — which is intended to be sliced open at a gender reveal party.
Per the Basic Gender Inequality Index, Saudi Arabia is the third-most gender egalitarian nation in the world.

Two male academics have proposed a new measure of gender inequality that suggests men are falling behind women in 91 countries

The "Basic Index of Gender Inequality" is composed of three metrics: basic educational opportunity, healthy life span, and life satisfaction.
The Wing, Soho.

Women’s club The Wing quietly dropped its practice of banning men after a man filed a $12 million gender discrimination lawsuit

The Wing quietly dropped its no-men rule after a 53-year-old man brought a gender discrimination lawsuit seeking damages of up to $12 million against it.
The effects of college are complicated.

It probably doesn’t matter where you go to college if you’re a well-off white man, but the stakes are much higher for everyone else

Studies suggest that where you go to college doesn't matter that much if you're a relatively wealthy white man. But it can matter a lot for women.
Of course, it's a boy.

10 of the most over-the-top gender reveal stunts of 2018

The most over-the-top gender reveals of the 2018
States in blue are majority-female and states in red are majority-male.

There are only 10 states in the US with more men than women

Using recently-released data from the US Census Bureau, we found the share of each state's population that is male.
A trans woman holds up the flag for Transgender and Gender Noncomforming people at a rally in Washington Square Park on October 21, 2018 in New York City.

The Trump administration’s reported proposal to make an ‘unchangeable’ definition of sex based on genitals isn’t backed by sci...

The Trump administration is considering a legal "unchangeable" definition of sex based on a person's genitals at birth, according to a report in the New York Times. But scientists and doctors say not every human fits into a strict male-female binary.
Pedestrians cross Zocalo Street in Mexico City, Mexico.

A 150,000-person study of credit card and cell phone records reveals how stereotypes of city dwellers are often wrong

The spending behavior of urban residents differs based on age and gender, according to a new study that tracks the credit card and cell phone data of 150,000 consumers in Mexico City.
Many countries have some work to do to close the gender pay gap.

12 countries where men earn significantly more than women

A gender pay gap isn't just an American problem — gender pay disparities exist in other countries, and some are larger than others. A few of the countries with the most significant gender pay gaps include Korea, Estonia, Japan, and Chile. Here are 12 countries with big gender pay gaps.
Tax season is upon us.

There are 114% more women entrepreneurs than there were 20 years ago, but the reason why is troubling

Starting a business is often a way for women to escape the unrealistic demands of corporate America. But entrepreneurship may not be the best option for women, or for the overall economy.