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It could happen.

Jeremy Corbyn needs only 1,682 more votes in marginal constituencies to become prime minister

Labour is within touching distance of becoming the largest party at the next general election.
The Electoral Commission is concerned by the impact of "bots" in political campaigns

The UK’s election watchdog wants the power to regulate social media

The UK's election watchdog wants online political campaigning to be better regulated.

Theresa May paid Lynton Crosby’s firm at least £4 million to run her catastrophic election campaign

Tory sources say that May spent more than £4 million on hiring Crosby's firm CTF Partners to run the Conservative election campaign.

Theresa May is now the most unpopular prime minister ever at this stage in her premiership

The prime minister now has historically poor ratings compared to her predecessors.

Theresa May says she ‘shed a little tear’ over the general election result

The Prime Minister said that she "felt devastated" at the general election result in her first broadcast interview since the Conservatives lost their majority.

Theresa May relaunches her leadership: ‘The general election result was not what I wanted’

The prime minister urged opposition parties to support her as she relaunched her premiership in central London.

Labour takes 8 point lead over the Tories as support for Corbyn’s party surges

YouGov / Times poll finds support for Labour has surged since Theresa May failed to win a majority in the election.

Consumer confidence is at a 12-month low after the snap election

'Higher prices and sluggish wage growth are squeezing household finances and adding to widespread fears of a Brexit-induced economic slowdown.'

Theresa May’s £1.5 billion ‘supply and confidence’ deal with the DUP in full

The full text of the hung parliament deal between the DUP and the Conservatives

Theresa May’s head of policy is the latest senior figure to quit Downing Street

John Godfrey, Theresa May's head of policy, is leaving Downing Street, the latest key figure to go following the shock election result.