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"Sometimes you have a lot of failures before you have success," says David Casarez, pictured.

The homeless man who went viral for handing out his résumé on the highway in California had quit his job to become an entrepreneur — a...

David Casarez, a 26-year-old former web developer at General Motors, ran out of money for his startup and wound up passing out his résumé on a California highway. But he plans to try entrepreneurship again.
General Motors CEO Mary Barra holds a media briefing before the start of GM's Annual Shareholders Meeting at the GM World Headquarters in Detroit June 10, 2014.

GM slashes its 2018 earnings forecast

The automaker earned an adjusted $1.81 a share on net revenue of $36.8 billion. Wall Street analysts surveyed by Bloomberg were anticipating adjusted earnings of $1.77 a share on revenue of $36.8 billion.

GM WARNS: Trump’s tariffs ‘undermine our ability to compete’

"Increased import tariffs could lead to a smaller GM, a reduced presence at home and abroad for this iconic American company, and risk less — not more — U.S. jobs," the company said, echoing comments earlier this week from motorcycle maker Harley Davidson.
General Motors CEO Mary Barra is just one of two female CEOs among America's 50 biggest companies.

Of the 50 biggest companies in America, General Motors is the only company succeeding on a key measure

General Motors is the largest company with the most women in leadership positions.
General Motors CEO Mary Barra has overseen the implementation of programs that foster leadership among women.

6 of the biggest companies in the US that are best for women

Paul Tudor Jones' nonprofit Just Capital found six companies leading the way for leadership opportunities for women, including General Motors and PepsiCo.

Automakers plunge as China plots retaliatory tariffs on US products

China said Tuesday it would respond to the Trump administration's $50 billion worth of tariffs on Chinese products with its own tariffs on US products.

China isn’t killing the US in trade by as much as we think

The trade balance doesn't factor in hundreds of billions of dollars in US sales to China.

The all-electric Chevy Bolt is a threat to Tesla’s hopes for the Model 3

After bailouts and bankruptcy, GM is back with Chevy's game-changer. The car has been a big success.
Mary Barra has gained the respect of her colleagues and industry analysts in her time at GM.

Mary Barra was called a ‘lightweight’ when she became CEO of GM — here’s how she transformed the company and silenced her doub...

CEO Mary Barra has transformed General Motors by cutting unprofitable ventures and investing in the future.