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Belgian biotech Galapagos surges after Gilead sinks another $5.1 billion into the firm

The deal gives Gilead rights outside Europe to the Belgian biotech company's drugs in development. Galapagos has six treatments in human testing.

A new pill to treat HIV just got approved — and it could shake up a $22 billion market

The treatment made by Gilead combines three drugs into one daily pill:  bictegravir, emtricitabine and tenofovir alafenamide.
CSF cytology of a diffuse large B-cell non hodgkin lymphoma.

A cancer treatment that’s part of ‘a big new field of medicine’ just got approved

The treatment, called Yescarta, treats a type of blood cancer called aggressive B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

The inside story of how a $12 billion deal for a revolutionary cancer treatment came together

One of the most anticipated biotech deals of the year slotted into place after a fateful July meeting that didn't directly have to do with either company.

A medical breakthrough that hacks genes to fight cancer just got approved, and it’s the beginning of ‘a big new field of medicine’

On Wednesday, the FDA approved Kymriah, the first gene therapy in the US. Known as CAR T-cell therapy, it harnesses the body's immune system to fight cancer.

Here’s why Gilead broke its dealmaking hiatus and splurged $12 billion on a cancer treatment

After several quiet years, Gilead made a splashy return to M&A Monday, buying cancer-immunotherapy firm Kite Pharma for $11.9 billion in cash, a 29% premium.

Gilead just bought a cancer-immunotherapy company for $12 billion

Gilead is paying $11.9 billion for Kite Pharma, a company that makes cell therapies that target the body's immune system to fight cancer.

Biotech giant Gilead is slipping after revealing its 2017 guidance

Shares of biotech company Gilead were down as much as 4% after-hours Tuesday after revealing a disappointing guidance for 2017.

A promising Hep C program seems to be working — and it could be a model for other countries

Close to 8,500 people have been treated for hepatitis C in Georgia using new medications that cure patients of the disease.