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Ryan Reynolds talking about Aviation Gin on "The Tonight Show" with Jimmy Fallon.

Ryan Reynolds wrote a fake Amazon review for his own gin brand, and it sounds like the plot of a ‘Hangover’ movie

Written under the pseudonym Champ Nightengale, the review tells the story of one man's experience after consuming too much of the gin.
George Clooney cashed in big time on his tequila brand.

13 celebrity-owned liquor brands, ranked by the price of a bottle

The number of celebrity liquor brands has gone through the roof in recent years — and with George Clooney's tequila company selling for $1 billion last year, it's easy to see why. Side businesses are the some of the easiest ways for celebrities to earn passive income.

Here’s how to taste gin like a pro, according to a ‘nosing panel’

Gordon's gin has its very own 'expert nosing panel,' a team of six distillers dedicated to sampling the spirit — using their noses of course — "every hour on the hour" during the distillation process, who shared their top tips for tasting gin like a pro.

This is the best way to make a gin and tonic, according to an expert — and it doesn’t involve a lemon or lime

Bombay Sapphire's Senior Ambassador Sam Carter says you should always drink out of a balloon glass — and the tonic you choose can make all the difference.
Bombay Sapphire's Senior Brand Ambassador Sam Carter in The Empire Room at the Laverstoke Mill distillery.

The 9 mistakes people make when buying, ordering, and drinking gin — and what to do instead

Business Insider spoke to Bombay Sapphire's Senior Brand Ambassador Sam Carter — and some of his advice was pretty surprising.

Ryan Reynolds just bought a gin company he called ‘the best on the planet’ — but his email reply to us makes it seem like a joke

An automated email reply from Reynolds to BI suggests the actor is more likely to sit around being photographed than make any business plans.

16 cocktails you’ve probably never heard of but should start drinking immediately

Sure, you can go for the eggnog again, but how about a new and exciting cocktail like the Winter White Lady?
Brighton Gin

How a radio DJ-turned-entrepreneur created an award-winning UK gin selling 1,000 bottles a week

Gin, known for its forgiving hangovers, was starting to grow in popularity, and Kathy Caton decided Brighton needed its own version.