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Singapore is less prepared than Malaysia to deal with a pandemic, EIU report says

Singapore ranked 24th, six places behind Malaysia. 
A map produced using Facebook's data showing movement around London. "These data are useful to public health organizations looking at the spread of communicable diseases, such as the flu," Facebook says.

Facebook is using its trove of data on 2.4 billion people to build maps to help fight diseases

Facebook wants to put vast troves of data to use fighting the spread of diseases across the globe.
Melinda Gates in Dar Es Salam, Tanzania.

Bill and Melinda Gates say the world could get an extra US economy’s worth of income by making one important change for women

A simple economic stimulus plan to boost the world's "human capital" could net people $30 trillion, according to Bill and Melinda Gates.
Doctors Without Borders (MSF) staffer Alex Eilert Paulsen watches as mattresses and bed frames burn at the Ebola Treatment Unit (ETU) on January 31, 2015 in Paynesville, Liberia.

Bill Gates thinks an infectious disease outbreak could kill 30 million people in the next decade — but the US is cutting efforts to prevent glob...

Diseases know no national borders and can jump from one species to another. Many experts think that we need to be better prepared to prevent future outbreaks.

Bill Gates reveals how he decides where to spend his billions

At the recent JP Morgan Healthcare Conference, Gates explained how he goes after low-hanging fruit that few people have thought to grab.

Barack Obama has a one-question test that proves how good the world is today

At the Goalkeepers 2017 conference, Former President Barack Obama showed he can shut down critics of humanity's progress with a single question.

There’s a ‘war between two food systems’ — and the big food conglomerates are winning

Big processed food companies, like Nestle, PepsiCo, and General Mills, are expanding to developing nations and contributing to the international obesity crisis.

Trump could threaten years of progress in eliminating poverty around the world

The Gates Foundation predicted in 2014 that there would be almost no poor countries by 2035, but the Trump administration could derail those efforts.

Barbara Bush: Health care should not be political

Former First Daughter Barbara Bush is the co-founder of Global Health Corps, a nonprofit working to develop a new generation of leaders in the health sector.