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Traders work at their desks on the floor of the Borsa Istanbul in Istanbul, Turkey October 13, 2017.

These 10 global stock markets are surging the most as US-Iran tensions settle — headlined by huge gains in Turkey

Iran "appears to be standing down" after launching missiles at two Iraqi bases housing US troops, President Trump said in a Wednesday statement.
Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Global markets are mixed as China cuts growth targets, but boosts economic support

Global stock markets crept upward Tuesday despite China lowering its economic growth target and announcing a major tax cut.

South Korean stocks are getting pounded after the sudden breakdown of Trump and Kim’s summit

Global stocks followed South Korean stocks lower. The Kospi Index dropped close to 2%.

Global markets are jittery as India-Pakistan tensions hit a near 50-year high

Pakistan said it had shot down two Indian jets in the disputed Kashmir region. The news dented earlier, Fed-driven gains in markets.

Global markets bounce as US approaches deal to stop a fresh government shutdown

The fresh shutdown, which was set to begin Saturday, could be averted in a deal with $1.4 billion in border-barrier funding, and markets love it.

Stocks are rallying before fresh trade war talks between the US and China kick off

It looks set to be a busy week in markets, with fresh trade talks between the US and China, and the possibility of a fresh government shutdown.

Global stocks slide as Germany’s economy draws closer to a recession

While markets in Asia largely remain closed after the Chinese New Year, virtually all European stock markets have lost at least some ground Thursday.
Strong earnings for chipmakers are sending stocks higher.

Global stocks gain as chip earnings spark tech rally that lifts China equities to 7-week high

"Asian markets focused on the technology rally, overshadowing the trade uncertainties" ahead of more talks, one observer said.

Global markets are pausing for breath after a whirlwind start to 2019

Stocks, particularly in Asia, are becalmed Wednesday, with no major Chinese index moving in excess of 0.1% on the day.
The economic outlook doesn't look great.

Stocks slide after the IMF cut its forecast for global growth amid mounting concerns about the US-China trade war

On Monday, the IMF lowered its forecasts for global GDP for the second time in three months.