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Peter Navarro.

Trump’s economic team is coming undone at a critical moment

The free trade and protectionist wings of President Donald Tump's economic team appear to be in open battle against each other. The fight comes at a critical juncture for US trade policy.
President Donald Trump

Trump’s new trade idea may be a bigger mistake than tariffs

President Donald Trump wants to impose quotas on six key trade allies instead of steel and aluminum tariffs. But trade experts say quota systems can increase corruption, hurt the economy, and violate international trade rules — and that they may, in fact, be worse than tariffs.
Donald Trump

Trump may have ‘a method to his madness’ by teasing a trade war — but it could still end in chaos

President Trump won some small victories on trade over the past few weeks, but his strategy may not work for long according to economists.

China says following US example will harm global trade

A worker monitors m...

Trump’s newest trade policy has been tried before — and it was terrible for the US economy

Based on studies of past policies, President Donald Trump's new tariffs on steel and aluminum will likely be terrible for the US economy.

Trump just announced a move that could have devastating economic consequences — and markets tanked

President Donald Trump tweeted about steel and aluminum Thursday morning after multiple reports indicated he was close to imposing a new tariff on imports.

Eric Schmidt and other tech execs want government protection from China, and it sounds a bit like Trump

The President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology has published a report calling for stronger policies against China in the semiconductor industry.

This is the ‘damage’ imports have done to America’s industries

There has been a lot of talk of deglobalization and potential trade wars in the aftermath of Donald Trump's election as US president.

FEDEX CEO: Both Trump and Clinton are ‘worrisome’

The trade policies of Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton don't look helpful to FedEx CEO Fred Smith.