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GM is ‘far less risky’ than Tesla, if you want to invest in the future of transportation

The investment firm said GM is "far less risky" than Tesla, which has historically struggled to reach production targets.
Donald Trump models a hard hat in support of coal miners during a 2016 campaign rally in Charleston, West Virginia.

Auto stocks get a boost after the US and Mexico reach an agreement on parts of NAFTA

The new agreement — pending the required signatures by all three countries — could also change the proportion of a car that must be made by workers who are paid $16 of more per hour.

GM’s self-driving car unit could be worth $43 billion — nearly 4 times the valuation it received 6 weeks ago, RBC says

Cruise has been growing at a quick pace ever since GM acquired the San Francisco startup and its 50 employees for $581 million. GM hopes to increase Cruise's headcount to 1,648 in California by 2021 thanks to a tax credit package worth $8 million approved by state officials last year.

GM is surging after Japan’s SoftBank announced a $2.25 billion investment in its self-driving car unit

The investment will come in two stages of $900 million immediately and another $1.35 billion once Cruise’s autonomous vehicles are ready for commercial deployment, GM said. It will also invest $1.1 billion of its own money in cruise when the deal closes.

A massive infrastructure bill could be just what GM investors need

General Motors stock hasn't had a good year. That may change on account of Trump's infrastructure bill.

General Motors hits its highest price ever after going all in on electric cars

General Motor's stock price has been rocketing higher as investors anticipate electric cars, self-driving tech and the potential for GM to spin the tech off.

DEUTSCHE BANK: GM could release a self driving car ‘much sooner than expected’

GM's stock is popping on a report saying the company is closer to an autonomous car than previously thought.

MORGAN STANLEY: GM’s ‘unique’ structure makes it our top auto pick

General Motors has padded itself from an overall industry decline thanks to some key investments in self-driving startup Cruise and Lyft, the bank said.

MORGAN STANLEY: It’s time for a ‘GM revolution’

The world's largest automaker risks being left behind in the driverless revolution.