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Goldman Sachs sees gold soaring 9% in 2020 as Trump’s trade-war and recession fears grip investors

The investment bank pointed to a host of reasons, even Modern Monetary Theory, as factors in its forecast.
Workmen are pictured on site at the 1 Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) flagship Tun Razak Exchange development in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, March 1, 2015.

Goldman could reportedly settle for less than $2 billion following multiple probes over Malaysian investment fund — and that’s lower than ...

Some Wall Street analysts said Goldman Sachs' penalties could reach as high as $9 billion, according to Bloomberg.

Goldman Sachs says that every one of its private equity clients is preparing for recession

The bank's own economists, however, say there's only a 20% chance of a recession hitting within the next year.

Low recession risk, faster growth, and unemployment at a 70-year low — here are Goldman Sachs’ predictions for the US economy in 2020

The Wall Street titan said the presidential elections are "likely to be the single biggest event for financial markets in 2020."

The boys’ club in investment management is still going strong, study finds

A recent study by Goldman Sachs analyzed 528 large-cap mutual funds and found that 77% have all-men portfolio management teams.

Here are Goldman Sachs’ top 10 market themes to watch in 2020

The Wall Street juggernaut sees growth stabilizing. And, as a result, the firm expects "decent risky asset returns."
Dane Holmes (not pictured) will ask candidates how they would approach a tough problem.

Goldman Sachs’ HR chief is leaving to join a tech startup. Here’s the interview question he’ll ask every job candidate to test their...

Interview questions about solving tough problems can reveal a candidate's creativity, says Dane Holmes. He's leaving Goldman Sachs to join Eskalera.

These are the top 10 stocks that hedge funds are betting the most against

"Short positions continue to contribute alpha, lifting the average equity hedge fund to a 10% YTD return," Goldman analysts wrote in the report.

‘There’s no gender bias’: Goldman’s CEO pushes back on criticism of the Apple Card

Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon told Bloomberg TV that the firm doesn't ask about applicants gender for the Apple Credit Card.