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New Goldman Sachs research suggests companies are better off skipping IPOs and staying private — a rare development that’s preceded both t...

In a sweeping new report on the state of venture capital, Goldman Sachs analysts revealed new findings about private and public market value creation.

The bizarre story of 1MDB, the Goldman Sachs-backed Malaysian fund that turned into one of the biggest scandals in financial history

It's one of the greatest scandals in financial history. "1MDB" started as a plan to fund Malaysian infrastructure projects but turned into $3 billion problem.

Ex-Goldman banker plans return to US to face criminal charges: Lawyer

Ng intends to plead not guilty when he appears in a US federal court.
Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Apple quietly makes billions from Google Search each year, and it’s a bigger business than Apple Music

Google's payment to Apple could be worth as much as 23% of Apple's services business.

Bernie Sanders is feuding with former Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein about a new plan to limit companies from buying back their own stock

Former Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein criticized Sens. Bernie Sanders' and Chuck Schumer's op-ed on stock buybacks, prompting a reply from Sanders.
It's a relatively new phenomenon at Goldman, said David Solomon, pictured.

The CEO of Goldman Sachs says Wall Street and the NBA are strikingly similar

Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon said the firm's leadership is newly focused on long-term results, while the NBA values daily performance.
Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon

Goldman Sachs CEO warns the UK not to take ‘the hard way’ on Brexit because it will impact how the bank invests

"If this is resolved in a difficult way, or in a hard way, it will have an impact on where we invest and where we put people," CEO David Solomon said.
"It's a great outlet," said David Solomon, pictured.

Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon shares the story of how he became a DJ

Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon says DJ-ing started out as a hobby until it became apparent that he "was actually developing some skills."
Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon

Malaysia will forget all about the Goldman Sachs 1MDB scandal for the low low price of $7.5 billion

"An apology is just not sufficient ... There must be the necessary reparations and compensations," Malaysia's finance minister Lim Guan Eng said.
Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon speaks at the Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit

The David Solomon era at Goldman Sachs kicked off with 43 words Lloyd Blankfein would never say

A new management era has begun at Goldman Sachs, with CEO David Solomon's comments on the firm's fixed-income business marking a sharp departure from the public stance espoused by his predecessor, Lloyd Blankfein.