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Google reportedly has a massive culture problem that’s destroying it from the inside

Google has faced issue after issue over the past several years, and it sounds like a major reason for that is the company's culture.
In "Carmen Sandiego: The Tutankhamun's Mask Caper," players will track a criminal named Le Chevre.

Carmen Sandiego returns in Google Earth’s throwback to the original video games

"Carmen Sandiego: The Tutankhamun's Mask Caper" will test your knowledge of geography with a fun minigame for Google Earth.
Google Earth's "Carmen Sandiego" game is a fun throwback to the originals.

You can try to catch Carmen Sandiego in Google Earth’s throwback to the original video game

Google Earth has released the first in a series of "Carmen Sandiego" games that will test your knowledge of geography.

I went to Brooklyn for the chance to see a satellite image of the area in the Nevada desert that mysteriously wasn’t updated on Google Earth for...

There's a small section of land on Google Earth that wasn't updated for eight years, so a pair of curious writers started investigating why, eventually paying a satellite company to see the area for themselves.

For 8 years, Google’s satellites wouldn’t map an obscure area in Nevada where an experimental military site exists — and there’...

Google Earth did not update its satellite image of an experimental military base in southwestern Nevada for eight years, according to Motherboard. Updates typically take place every 30 days.
Trump Plaza in Jersey City, New Jersey, could be sitting in water by the year 2100.

Disturbing before-and-after images show what major US cities could look like in the year 2100

Here's what the US might look like if the worst climate-change predictions come true.

Planets and moons are now part of Google Maps — here are 6 incredible worlds you must explore

Far-out destinations like moons, planets, and the International Space Station can now be summoned in web browsers via a feature of Google Maps called "Planets."
An illustration of a nuclear bomb exploding in a city.

This nuclear-explosion simulator shows where radioactive fallout would go using today’s weather

Nukemap lets you simulate nuclear explosions on an interactive map. A new version of the tool uses real-time weather to estimate radioactive fallout zones.

9 hotels and clubs in Trump’s real-estate portfolio that could be under water in 80 years

If the worst climate change predictions come true, at least nine hotels and clubs in Trump's real-estate portfolio will be devastated by flooding.

Google Earth just rolled out its biggest update yet — here’s what’s new

If you've ever wanted to go on a bar crawl through Europe to visit all of Ernest Hemingway's favorite haunts, Google Earth's latest update has you covered.