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‘What is Google Express?’: A guide to Google’s online shopping service

If you're wondering what Google Express is, here's everything you need to know about Google's online shopping service.

17 incredibly useful Google products and services you didn’t know existed

Everyone knows Gmail, Google Earth, and Google Calendar. But Google offers plenty of other tools, features, and services to make your life easier. Here are 17 that you may not have tried yet.
Slack GM of Platform Brian Elliot

$5 billion Slack hires away a key Google shopping exec to reinforce a crucial weapon against Microsoft

Slack has hired away Brian Elliot, a key Google Express leader, to lead its app store efforts.
The Google Home Mini is a smart speaker designed to offer Google Assistant services in a smaller, cheaper package. It retails for $49.

Walmart is offering a surprising perk for customers buying the new Google Home devices

Walmart is giving customers a serious one-time discount if they order a Google Home device through the Google Express platform.

Google killed off a part of its speedy delivery service to prepare for its next big expansion: blanketing the whole country

The executive running Google's speedy delivery service, Express, tells us about his plan to spread the service through the US