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The Google Home Mini.

The Google Home Mini is reportedly getting a major update this fall — and a new name

Google is reportedly going to rename its updated Home Mini to "Nest Mini," as the company brings its smart "Home" line into the Nest family.
Google Assistant is a smart assistant from Google that can help you with many day-to-day tasks.

‘What is Google Assistant?’: How to use and optimize Google’s smart assistant on any compatible device

Here's a guide on what Google Assistant is and the many ways Google's smart assistant can help you with day-to-day tasks on any compatible device.
It's easy to use Google Chromecast from your iPhone with the Google Home app.

How to use Google Chromecast on your iPhone, for streaming video, audio, and images to your TV or another display

It's easy to use Google Chromecast from your iPhone with the Google Home app, where you can stream to any connected device. Here's how to do it.

Walmart’s pre-Prime Day sale has savings of up to $150 on Google and Nest smart speakers and security cameras

Google's smart speakers, displays, and security cameras are on sale at Walmart. You can save on the Google Home, Nest Hub, and Nest Cam.
You can call any phone number using your Google Home.

Yes, your Google Home can make phone calls — here’s everything you need to know

You can call any phone number using your Google Home, and even set your own Caller ID. Here's how to make calls and customize your settings.

How to setup and use Google Home with your iPhone or Android device

Google Home works with iPhone and Android, and setup is similar for both. Here's how to use Google Home with your iPhone or Android.
You can reset every model of Google Home with a button press.

How to reset any Google Home device to its factory settings, if it’s malfunctioning or you’re planning to sell it

You can reset any Google Home model to its factory settings using a physical button on the device. Here's how to factory reset any Google Home.
Google's Duplex booking service in action.

Google’s AI booking service, Duplex, is still relying on real people in call centers to make sure things go right, a new report shows

Duplex is designed to book reservations using artificial intelligence, but a New York Times report shows that many calls are still handled by humans.

I’ve owned an Amazon Echo for over 3 years now — here are my 19 favorite features

Amazon Echo is one of the best gadgets you can buy right now. It transforms the way you use your living space.

We tested the Amazon Echo and the Google Home to see which smart speaker is best, and it was extremely close

We tested the Amazon Echo and Google Home to find which smart speaker is best in 2019.