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There are a lot of red flags with Samsung’s AI assistant in the new Galaxy S8

As great as the new Galaxy S8 phones are, Samsung's new Bixby assistant feels incomplete.

Samsung says you’ll be able to control the Galaxy S8 with just your voice

Bixby will be the new digital assistant for Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S8.

REVIEW: Google’s first phone makes Siri look trivial

Google's first smartphone is a great first step as the company finally gets serious about hardware.

Google’s most ambitious new product isn’t its fancy new phone

Google Home is a much more ambitious, forward-thinking project than anything else Google is making. This is why.

I bought Google Home instead of Amazon’s Echo — here’s why

Google Home is Google's answer to Amazon's Echo, and it's much better in a few crucial ways.

There’s one big problem with Google Assistant: Saying ‘OK Google’ is super creepy

It's super creepy to keep saying "Okay Google" whenever you're talking to your personal assistant.

Those magical wireless earbuds from the movie ‘Her’ are about to become a reality

Jabra, which makes headphones and headsets, announced a new pair of earbuds on Thursday that are truly wireless. Meet the Jabra Elite Sport.

Virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa look poised to explode

The number of people using chatbots and virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa is estimated to hit nearly 2 billion by 2021.

Google shocked this man by offering sympathy on the death of his father

His dad had died in an accident in Nice, France in 2010. Somehow, Google knew.

A startup called MindMeld just launched a ‘Siri’ for apps like Spotify

The company MindMeld is developing an intelligent voice recognition platform tailored to specific companies.