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It's easy to translate pages in Google Chrome, whether you're on your phone or desktop.

How to translate a web page in Google Chrome on desktop or mobile

You can translate a web page in Google Chrome into English — or dozens of other languages — automatically, with just a click or tap.
The author at the Great Wall of China.

I traveled the world for 6 months, and here’s the single best app I couldn’t live without

As Business Insider's international correspondent, I use a ton of different apps to make travel as efficient and seamless as possible. But there's only one I would be truly lost without, no matter which country I visit.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai revealed a jaw-dropping fact about its translation app that shows how much money is still sitting on the table

On a conference call with investors and analysts, Google CEO Sundar Pichai gave an indication of what could be the company's next big hit.

17 incredibly useful Google products and services you didn’t know existed

Everyone knows Gmail, Google Earth, and Google Calendar. But Google offers plenty of other tools, features, and services to make your life easier. Here are 17 that you may not have tried yet.

A Google translation isn’t enough evidence to send someone to jail, finds the judge in a narcotics case

Police turn to Google Translate to ask a Mexican man with limited English skills if they can search his car. A Kansas federal court tried to determine if that was the right thing to do — and ruled that it couldn't be the determining factor in sending a man to prison.

These sleek $250 earbuds can translate languages in real time — and it’s like something out of ‘Star Trek’

Waverly Labs' Pilot earbuds can translate a conversation between two people who speak different languages.
Google Pixel Buds

Google’s new headphones have a universal translator feature for 40 languages — and I got to try it

I tried the "universal translator" feature on Google's new Pixel Buds, and it worked. Mostly.