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Sundar Pichai.

Read Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s prepared remarks to Congress

Google CEO Sundar Pichai is positive about technology's potential — but his company faces heavy scrutiny.

Organizers of the successful Google employee walkout are now calling on the rest of the tech industry to take up their cause

On Monday, some of the original organizers for Google's November walkout demanded an end to forced arbitration for all employees.

Google+ will shut down 4 months early after Google discovered a 2nd bug affecting user data for more than 52 million

On Monday, Google announced that it would be shutting down Google+ four months early after another data leak was discovered.
Which photo looks better to you?

A top YouTuber did a ‘blind’ test to find the very best smartphone camera, and the iPhone lost in the first round

Yes, the Apple iPhone XS has an incredible camera. But perception is reality, and in a blind test the iPhone failed miserably.

The 10 highest-paid YouTubers of 2018 include the Paul brothers and a 7-year-old toy reviewer — here’s the full list

From trick shots and video games to makeup and toy reviews, YouTube's highest-paid stars are raking in more than $14 million each.

A former Googler and career coach says you shouldn’t always turn your passion into a full-time job

Ex-Googler and career coach Lindsay Gordon tested out her passion for baking and learned she should keep it as a hobby — for now.

This graph shows 90% of political donations from big tech workers went to the Democrats, with Googlers leading the charge

Staff at Google's parent company Alphabet were the biggest funders of Democratic candidates and causes, according to the data from GovPredict.
Google CEO Sundar Pichai

One of Google’s new sexual-harassment policies could be the key to changing all of Silicon Valley’s bro culture

Forcing employees to sign arbitration agreements forbidding them to sue the company is one of the key ways a company can keep its dirty laundry secret.
A security guard keeps watch as he walks past a logo of Google in Shanghai, China.

‘F— you leakers’: A former senior Google employee says a frantic quest to stop internal info getting out is now management’s &...

Jack Poulson described an internal question-and-answer where an unnamed senior engineer yelled "F--- you leakers" into a microphone.

Google denies claims that it didn’t alert contractors about the active shooter at YouTube — but at least one temp says it’s a ‘...

In a letter to Google CEO Sundar Pichai on Wednesday, contract workers at Google demanded equal opportunity to that of their full-time counterparts.