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Krystal Bick said: "If you don't treat yourself as a business, business isn't going to treat you as a business."

A millennial who left her 6-figure job at Google to be a full-time social media influencer explains why she was willing to take the risk

Krystal Bick left her six-figure job at Google after five years to pursue her side hustle: being an influencer. She now earns as much as five-figures for a brand ambassadorship and says being an entrepreneur is liberating.

A tense internal meeting between Google CEO Sundar Pichai and employees went sideways as execs addressed rumors about the company’s China plans

In a meeting with employees, Google's CEO said the company was not close to launching a search product in China, according to Twitter posts from multiple reporters. Earlier reports indicated that Google was building a censored search engine to comply with Chinese law.
Google CEO Sundar Pichai speaks with reporters at the 2018 I/O developer conference

Over 1,400 Googlers signed a letter to the top execs demanding a say on ethical issues — read the letter here

Google is once again facing a showdown with employees after more than 1,400 of them have demanded that staff has a say on ethical issues. The letter comes after reports that Google plans to build a censored search engine in compliance with Chinese law. Read the letter here.
Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

It looks like Google is preparing to open its first-ever standalone retail store

The Chicago Tribune reports that Google is expected to soon finalize a lease for nearly 14,000 square feet on two floors in Chicago's meatpacking district. With an extensive and growing list of products, the move makes sense.

Vitalik Buterin, the multi-millionaire founder of Ethereum, says that Google tried to hire him on an intern’s salary

When Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin tweeted out an email that appeared to be a job offer from Google in May, many suspected the search engine was attempting to hire him on for a secret cryptocurrency project. The real story is actually much simpler.
Neuroscience led James Stout to computer science, which led to Google and Waymo.

A Waymo engineer told us why a virtual-world simulation is crucial to the future of self-driving cars

James Stout was convinced that he'd become a neuroscientist, but a shift to computer science led him to Google and later Waymo, where he works on the company's virtual-realty testing simulation, Carcraft.
Diane Bryant, the former COO of Google Cloud, speaks on the campus of UC Davis in August 2018.

A former exec says Google once pulled the plug on videoconferencing tech because it couldn’t identify people of color

Former Google exec Diane Bryant said during a presentation at UC Davis on Tuesday that the company had to "pull back" video-conferencing technology after it was discovered it couldn't accurately identify people of color — a problem she suggested was caused by a lack of diversity among the builders.

Google Assistant and Google Home won’t work properly if you completely disable Google’s location tracking

After the Associated Press revealed that Google will sometimes track your location even when 'location history' is turned off, some users decided to completely turn off the settings that enable location tracking. However, this makes Google Assistant unusable, as well as Google Home devices.

As its rivalry with Google heats up, Amazon is reportedly offering popular YouTubers multimillion-dollar contracts to switch to Twitch

Amazon's livestreaming service, Twitch, is making efforts to win over content creators from YouTube, offering exclusive deals for well-known internet personalities, Bloomberg reports.

The Galaxy Note 9 is the closest competitor to the best smartphone camera in the world, the Pixel 2

The Pixel 2 is the best smartphone camera. But it's dominance is challenged by the Galaxy Note 9 thanks to its variable aperture and 2x optical zoom lens.