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Paul Ryan.

Paul Ryan is losing control of an increasingly chaotic House GOP

When House Speaker Paul Ryan informed the GOP conference in April that he would not seek reelection this year, he hammered in the point to his colleagues that he would "run through the tape." The growing problem for Ryan is that the tape might be much closer than he thought.

Democrats are reportedly worried that the economy could help Republicans in coming elections

Democrats are worried recent positive developments of the economy could mean victory for Republicans in November's midterm elections and the 2020 presidential election, according to a report by The Hill.
Pete Petit n CNBC

3 VA employees were just indicted over charges they accepted bribes from the ‘Trump of Georgia’s’ pharmaceutical firm

VA employees have been indicted on charges they accepted thousands of dollars, trips, and other gifts from MiMedx, a pharmaceutical firm helmed by Pete Petit, who chaired Donald Trump's finance committee in Georgia.

‘We don’t need any self-inflicted wounds’: The GOP is already worrying about losing another seat in a key battleground state

A special election in Ohio between an establishment and outsider candidate is the latest highlighted example of the Republican Party's war with itself.
James Comey.

‘I’m ashamed of Republicans’: James Comey goes in on the GOP during CNN town hall

James Comey, once a longtime registered Republican, said he was "ashamed" of the Republican Party's response to President Donald Trump's rhetoric.
The New York Times headquarters.

The New York Times used a full page to print an editorial calling on Republicans to stand up to Trump

The New York Times used a full page to print an editorial on Sunday to call on Republicans to stand up to President Donald Trump.

Republicans are bracing themselves for a coming bloodbath in the midterm elections

Republican donors and lawmakers have come to the conclusion that few GOP candidates are safe in the upcoming 2018 midterm elections.

The Republican Party is piling onto an effort to discredit James Comey’s upcoming book

The Republican National Committee's official Twitter account tweeted a superimposed image of Comey's book that contained quotes that criticized him.
Wisconsin's Republican Gov. Scott Walker

Republicans are freaking out about a liberal win that could be the start of a ‘blue wave’

Wisconsin's election of a Democrat to its state Supreme Court has Republicans, including Gov. Scott Walker, worried about a "blue wave" this fall.
Nicolle Wallace, the host of MSNBC's "Deadline: White House"

How Nicolle Wallace went from a top GOP operative to a stranger in her own party

Nicolle Wallace, a former top GOP operative and now an MSNBC host, has become a 'clarion call for decency' in the Trump era, and a voice for disaffected women.