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The 10-year hits its highest level in 7 years

The US 10-year yield crossed 3.06% Tuesday morning, hitting its highest level since July 2011.

The massive $500 billion budget deal could be coming at exactly the wrong time for the economy

The massive fiscal stimulus could be a terrible idea for the current economic situation, or it could be just what the doctor ordered depending on how you ask.

‘It pays to be paranoid’: A senior Bank of England official is sounding the alarm on the UK’s debt

"It is important to remain aware of the fact that if we lose our fiscal space, financial stability is jeopardised," Sharp said in a speech at University College London.

Here’s who holds the world’s $60 trillion in sovereign debt

Regular investors hold the highest percentage of US government debt, followed by foreign governments.

The US government’s $19 trillion debt isn’t a problem

It's a big number, but it doesn't mean there is big danger, Scott Brown of Raymond James said.