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Tamela Worthen is one of the many thousands of government contract workers fighting for back pay from the 2018-2019 shutdown.

Ayanna Pressley is taking a stand for contract government workers who are still hurting from the 2018-2019 shutdown

Ayanna Pressley says federal contractors are owed $1 billion in back pay from the five weeks of work they lost during the government shutdown.
The winning Powerball numbers are shown after being drawn at the Florida Lottery studio in Tallahassee Florida

A park ranger won a $29.5 million lottery jackpot while she was furloughed during the government shutdown

Judith Smith, of Bayonne, New Jersey, was announced the winner of the $29.5 million Dec. 17, 2018 Pick-6 Jackpot on Wednesday.
Donald Trump delivers a televised address to the nation from his desk in the Oval Office on January 8, 2019, the 18th day of a government shutdown.

White House chief of staff says Trump would consider shutting down the government again just 48 hours after ending the longest shutdown in US history

48 hours after the end of the longest US government shutdown in history, acting White House chief of staff said Trump would be willing to do it again.
Crew from the Coast Guard cutter Stratton return after a humanitarian assistance/disaster relief exercise, July 13, 2016.

The Coast Guard is about to miss their 2nd paychecks from the government shutdown — and a top officer is warning them about ‘misinformatio...

Active-duty and retired Coast Guard members are about to miss their second paycheck, and service leaders are telling them to look for assistance.
Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid during the 2013 shutdown

The government shutdown is in day 35 and has shattered the record for the longest shutdown in history

The length of all government shutdowns, who was in control of the White House and Congress, and whether employees were sent home, all in one chart.

The only military branch affected by the government shutdown is about to miss its 2nd paycheck, and its leaders are sounding off

Many Coast Guard members live paycheck to paycheck, and the looming possibility of missing a second one has caused real hardship.

Here’s what happens to Social Security and disability benefits during a government shutdown

Social Security and disability checks will still be sent to recipients and beneficiaries for the duration of the partial government shutdown.

Here’s what happens to food stamps and other federal food programs during the government shutdown

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits, called food stamps, will be paid in January and February despite the government shutdown.
New House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Donald Trump clash over the border wall days before the government entered a partial shutdown.

The government shutdown is now the longest on record and the fight between Trump and Democrats is only getting uglier. Here’s everything you mis...

There's no end in sight for the border wall government shutdown as President Donald Trump and Democrat leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer dig in.
Coast Guard Vice Adm. Linda Fagan, commanding officer of US Coast Guard Pacific Area, addresses the crew and sailors aboard the cutter Bertholf in the Pacific Ocean, July 20, 2018.

Unpaid Coast Guard members are deploying for a months-long mission in the Pacific — at home, their bosses are warning about their houses

The Coast Guard cutter Bertholf deployed to the Pacific on January 20, amid a government shutdown that has families worried about basic expenses.