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Heineken is opening its own store on Grab’s app

Grab is delivering beer now.

Grab will soon let you order food, hail rides, make payments all in one super app – here’s how it’s going to work

If you're a Grab user, here’s some good news for those who hate clutter.

To build Southeast Asia’s superapp, Grab looks to China’s giants for inspiration

There are similarities and differences between Southeast Asia and China phone users when it comes to applications.

Grab unveils a slew of new services, including one that allows customers to pay for expensive items by instalment with 0% interest

Not everyone will be eligible though. Here's what you need to have access to the service.

You can soon pay for Fave purchases using GrabPay credits

It's happening late October.

Singapore now has a universal QR code – here’s how it can make your life easier

E-payment schemes such PayNow, Nets and GrabPay will all support the new code.