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Starting salaries in 18 European nations, ranked from lowest to highest

For many of us, securing a job after university is a huge task, requiring countless applications, seemingly dozens of interviews, and many disheartening rejections.
A demonstrator dressed as a banker throws away imitation bank notes during a protest outside the Barclays' AGM in central London April 24, 2014. Barclays Plc said its first-quarter profit fell after a "significant" drop in revenue from its investment bank's fixed- income operations, extending an industry slump across that business.

There’s one finance job where graduates can earn £85,000 straight out of university

"We are in the midst of a structural change in the pay landscape, especially for graduates," Alice Leguay, Emolument's cofounder and CMO said.

The 13 best British universities if you want a high-paying job after graduation

Graduates of the London School of Economics have salaries to be jealous of.