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Tim Cook at Stanford's 2019 Commencement

Tim Cook learned the ‘visceral difference between preparation and readiness’ after taking over Apple for Steve Jobs, and it’s life a...

Apple's CEO stressed the "visceral difference between preparation and readiness," saying that "you'll never be ready. But you're not supposed to be."
Oh, the places you'll go.

College grads should have a relatively stress-free job search this year — but economists worry for the Class of 2019

Unemployment has reached a 17-year low, according to the April jobs report. That's great news for this batch of grads. Here's why the Class of 2018 is going to have a comparatively easy job search — but it might not be so easy for future graduates.

The 5 best fields for recent grads to find a job right now

Job site Monster compiled a list of industries with the most entry-level job openings to determine the most promising fields of 2017.

Larry Ellison explains why life isn’t about money: ‘At some point, you can’t spend all of it. Trust me, I’ve tried’

Ellison's commencement speech was quite the coup for the USC class, but there's a good reason why he was there.

100 of the best tech companies to work for if you’re just starting out

You'll be able to have a big impact at these hot companies.

25 promising tech companies to work for if you’re just graduating from college

These tech companies aren't raking in the billions yet, but they promise a fascinating ride for new job seekers.

The fracking boom may have driven an increase in high school dropouts

The draw of oil work is leading more and more males in high school to drop out.