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The least valuable college majors are in the arts and creative fields.

The 10 least valuable college majors

The least valuable college majors may land you a dream job, but not your dream pay. These include majors in the arts and linguistics fields.
The top ten most valuable college majors are in the business, science, and math fields.

The 25 most valuable college majors

The most valuable college majors have a high guarantee of employment and a decent salary — the top 10 were all in the STEM fields.

53 years after he dropped out of school to fight in the Vietnam War, a Michigan man finally received his high school diploma

Paul Masters was just a few credits shy of graduating high school when he left to join the navy. Now he's holding his diploma for the first time.
High school graduation.

New York high school students held a ‘silent graduation’ to help a classmate with autism

The graduating class at Carmel High School stood together in silence so their fellow classmate, who's hypersensitive to sound, felt comfortable.
Let him speak!

A high school valedictorian came out as bisexual in his graduation speech and his classmates gave him a standing ovation

Mason Bleu, an 18-year-old from New York, came out as bisexual during his valedictorian speech. Bleu told INSIDER he was nervous but glad he did it.
Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg speaks at Harvard's 2012 Class Day.

From John F. Kennedy to Oprah and Steve Jobs, here are 20 of the best commencement speeches of all time

Many commencement speeches are filled with clichéd advice. But some are so inspiring and poignant that they stick with us forever.
Tim Cook at Stanford's 2019 Commencement

Tim Cook learned the ‘visceral difference between preparation and readiness’ after taking over Apple for Steve Jobs, and it’s life a...

Apple's CEO stressed the "visceral difference between preparation and readiness," saying that "you'll never be ready. But you're not supposed to be."
Nataly Buhr delivered a scathing speech.

A valedictorian gave a brutally honest speech that left the crowd gasping: ‘Thanks for teaching me to fend for myself’

The San Diego student wanted her speech to reflect her high school experience at Sweetwater Union High School District.
William Wagner, 94.

A 94-year-old who missed his graduation to go fight in WWII finally got his diploma and walked at commencement 76 years later

William Wagner, a World War II veteran from Chicago, graduated with the Class of 2019 at Tilden High School, after missing his graduation day in 1944.
College graduates at commencement await the next chapter of their lives.

Adults reveal what they miss the most about college

From countless naps to living in dorms with friends, we scoured the internet to find out what adults actually miss the most about their college days.