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"Green Book" was a controversial pick for best picture.

POLL: Americans love Rami Malek’s Oscar win, but young people hate that ‘Green Book’ won best picture

"Green Book" was the most controversial wommer, with 21% of people displeased with the win, a number that jumped to 31% among young people.
Mahershala Ali and Viggo Mortensen in "Green Book."

‘Green Book’ is the worst Oscar best picture winner since ‘Crash,’ according to movie critics

The last winner of the Oscar for best picture to receive a worse Rotten Tomatoes critic score than "Green Book" was "Crash" 13 years ago.
Mike Francesa was quite pleased with "Green Book" winning Best Picture at the Oscars on Sunday.

Nobody believed in Best Picture-winner ‘Green Book’ more than sports radio host Mike Francesa, who called it the best movie ‘by a mi...

Mike Francesa was quite pleased with "Green Book" winning Best Picture at the Oscars on Sunday.
I'm sure the Academy is patting themselves on the back over this win, thinking it did a good job.

6 people and movies that don’t deserve their Oscar wins — sorry

From "Green Book" to "Free Solo," here are the movies and people who should've won the Academy Awards on Sunday night in Los Angeles.
Mahershala Ali posing with his best supporting actor award for "Green Book."

Mahershala Ali’s college basketball reel went viral after he won his second Oscar, for ‘Green Book’

Mahershala Ali got his undergraduate degree on a basketball scholarship, later getting a master's in acting.
"Green Book" was popular among critics but has also received lots of criticism.

All the controversies surrounding ‘Green Book,’ which just won the Oscar for best picture

"Green Book" follows the story of Tony Vallelonga and Dr. Don Shirley, but has been involved in lots of controversies since its release.

‘The ref made a bad call’: Spike Lee wasn’t happy about ‘Green Book’ winning best picture at the Oscars

"Green Book" was a controversial choice for Best Picture. Lee compared it to "Driving Miss Daisy" winning over "Do the Right Thing" 30 years ago.
"The Green Book: Guide to Freedom"

A new documentary tells the history of the real Green Book, but the director doesn’t support the Oscar-winning movie

Director Yoruba Richen talked to Business Insider about the Smithsonian Channel's upcoming documentary about the real Negro Motorist Green Book.
"Green Book."

‘Green Book’ wins the best picture Oscar, and here’s why many people aren’t happy about it

The best picture Oscar went to "Green Book," which dealt with a slew of controversies during award season.
Mahershala Ali and Viggo Mortensen in "Green Book"

‘Green Book’ won the best picture Oscar after facing controversies including an anti-Muslim tweet and genital flashing

"Green Book" won the Oscar for best picture on Sunday, but was mired in controversy this awards season.