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A top Frito-Lay exec lays out the biggest trends shaping the snacks industry — and how the CPG giant is recalibrating to keep up

Frito-Lay is adjusting its packaging and making healthier products, said Mike Del Pozzo, SVP of sales and chief customer officer.
The e-commerce company is also tackling the tampon tax.

The CEO of Boxed, ‘the Costco for millennials,’ says his site has banned the infamous ‘pink tax’ — and it’s saved ...

Boxed cofounder and CEO Chieh Huang spoke at Groceryshop in Las Vegas about his "fight against the pink tax."

Beyond Meat’s chairman jokes that the veggie burger was a ‘conspiracy’ by the meat industry to prevent people from going vegetarian

Beyond Meat executive chairman Seth Goldman said that his company knew that the product would have to pass the "taste challenge" in order to scale.