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Cats use their scratchy tongues covered in tiny, hook-like hollow spines, to clean their bodies.

Some animals can clean themselves, while others get ‘dirty’ on purpose — here are some of the wildest grooming practices in the anim...

From the self-cleaning house cat to the self-anointing Capuchin monkey, animals on Earth have varying grooming techniques.
This is Insider Picks reporter Connie Chen's go-to solution for those angry, pus-filled pimples that sprout on her face at the most inopportune times.

17 cheap and effective skincare products under $25 we swear by in our everyday lives

Sometimes simpler (and cheaper) really is better. From pimple patches to the best cleansers, moisturizers, and masks, we rounded up our staff's favorite skin care products that are both affordable and effective.
The Rockwell 6C Safety Razor, $50

The $50 safety razor I swear by to get a close, smooth shave is 15% off as a Black Friday deal

Safety razors are a more expensive alternative to traditional drugstore razors, but the investment in quality has immediate benefits to your face.
A well-kept mustache is a compliment to any man's appearance this November.

There’s really only one way to correctly grow a mustache

This Movember, trim your mustache the right way.
Beards have changed drastically over the past 200 years.

The most popular facial hair styles over the last 200 years, and the fascinating history behind how beards have evolved

Abraham Lincoln, Hulk Hogan, and Brad Pitt all inspired famous facial hair styles. Here's how facial hair has changed since the 19th century.
Dan Glass, Senior Barber at Murdock London.

The 4 biggest mistakes men make when growing a mustache, according to an expert

Executed correctly, a mustache can set you apart from the norm in a way that's handsome, bold, and defining.
Bulldog Skincare for Men cofounder Simon Duffy.

The 6 biggest mistakes guys make with their skin, according to the cofounder of a leading skincare brand

Business Insider caught up with Bulldog cofounder Simon Duffy to seek his advice about men's skincare routines, and the biggest mistakes they make. According to the company, most men still aren't moisturising daily — but that's the least of their issues.
Simon Duffy, Bulldog cofounder.

5 grooming products every guy should own, according to the cofounder of a major skincare brand

Summer is officially over and winter is on its way once again — and that's bad news for your face. To find out what guys should be doing with their skin every day, Business Insider spoke to the cofounder of Bulldog Skincare for Men, Simon Duffy.