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The Mediterranean diet includes lots of fish and vegetables.

6 ways the Mediterranean diet can affect your digestion

INSIDER consulted with doctors and nutritionists to find out what impact the Mediterranean diet might have on your digestion — both good and bad.

This natural supplement stops my bloating in its tracks and promotes gut health — it’s pretty tasty too

The Nue Co.'s Debloat Food + Prebiotic powder was designed to ease digestive issues, soothe bloating in the moment, and promote long-term gut health.

Why a pill with barely any health benefits could be the ‘most important’ new supplement in 20 years

These dietary supplements are a big business with a market that is projected to exceed $57 billion in the next five years.

The author of the 5:2 diet explains why eating too quickly can be bad for you

Dr Michael Mosley explains that when you eat slowly a hormone is released which tells your body when you're full.