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23 towns in Texas were hit by possibly the largest-ever ransomware attack, in what could be the first coordinated cyberattack of its kind

The coordinated ransomware attack on 23 Texas towns was carried out by a "single threat actor," the Texas Department of Information Resources said.

A Florida city paid a $600,000 bitcoin ransom to hackers who took over its computers — and it’s a massive alarm bell for the rest of the U...

Riviera Beach's city council voted to pay the money after an attack in May disrupted services, including its email network and 911 dispatch system.

Looking to buy some stolen credit card numbers? Just head to Facebook

Stolen credit card numbers are available in abundance on Facebook.
NiceHash shut down its site Wednesday following a major hack.

Thieves stole potentially millions of dollars in bitcoin in a hacking attack on a cryptocurrency company

NiceHash shutdown its website and confirmed the breach midday Wednesday after hours of speculation from its users.