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DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT: How to wipe your personal information from Facebook, Amazon, Google, and other major websites and apps

The recent hack of Facebook compromised the personal information of 30 million people. Here's how you can delete your account from the major websites and protect yourself against incidents in the future.
Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Apple CEO Tim Cook demands Bloomberg retract its report on Chinese chip hacking: ‘There is no truth in their story’

Tim Cook, in an unusually aggressive move, called on Bloomberg to retract its story about Apple.
Mark Zuckerberg famously promoted the motto "Move Fast and Break Things" at Facebook.

The Facebook hack that exposed 30 million accounts shows we’re going to be dealing with the consequences of its ‘Move Fast’ motto fo...

For years, Facebook operated under the motto of "Move Fast and Break Things." We're still discovering the consequences of that mantra, which spread far beyond the company, and all the valuable things that were broken under it.

The curious timing of Facebook’s first hardware product, the $200 ‘Portal’

Do you trust a camera-and-microphone device from Facebook in your home?

Hackers stole millions of Facebook users’ personal data — here’s why you should be worried

The personal data exposed in the hacking attack Facebook revealed recently could be used for lots of malicious purposes, including accessing users' bank accounts.

Here are all the types of personal info hackers stole from 29 million Facebook users, and why it’s so frightening

Facebook recently revealed a massive breach of user information that impacts over 30 million people. Here's what hackers took.

Hackers stole millions of Facebook users’ highly sensitive data — and the FBI has asked it not to say who might be behind it

Thirty million Facebook users' data was compromised, with hackers accessing millions of victims' locations, contact details, birthdates, recent searches, and more.
Joshua Browder

The 21-year-old who built a robot lawyer to fight parking tickets has a new tool to help you automatically sue companies who get hacked

DoNotPay has gone after everyone from landlords to airlines. Now it's targeting companies that get hacked.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook says it hasn’t seen any evidence that the hackers used stolen keys to access users’ Tinder, Spotify, or Instagram accounts

After Facebook announced it was hacked and 50 million users' info was compromised, fears spread the attackers could log into victims' Tinder and Spotify accounts.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel, far left, with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, third from left, and President Donald Trump, at the 2018 NATO Summit in Brussels, July 11, 2018.

NATO leaders are worried about cyberattacks, but it’s not clear they all agree on what that means

Despite NATO's increasing focus on and preparation for cyberattacks, it's still not clear that the alliance has a unifying standard for defining what an attack is and how severe its effects are.