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Hailey Bieber was called a "fake Christian" on Instagram for celebrating Halloween.

Hailey Bieber defends loving both Halloween and Jesus after being called a ‘fake Christian’

The model also said she plans to let her future children with Justin Bieber dress up and go trick-or-treating on the holiday.
The world's heaviest jack-o'-lantern weighed 2,077 pounds.

15 of the spookiest Halloween world records

From the world's loudest scream to the largest collection of haunted dolls, these records will send a chill down your spine.
Maci Tate and Jonathan Krell transformed into Pennywise and Georgie from "It" for Halloween.

A couple already won Halloween with their ‘It’ couples costume — and the photos will give you nightmares

Maci Tate and Jonathan Krell dressed as Pennywise and Georgie from the classic horror film "It" for Halloween. Everyone else can go home now.
The turkey head is obviously a Monica reference.

6 original ‘Friends’ Halloween costume ideas for superfans of the show

You can capture the look of the "Friends" cast, whether you want to wear a turkey on your head or a wedding dress for Halloween.
"Practical Magic" is a classic for a reason.

14 of the best Halloween movies that aren’t too scary

Yes, you can get into the fun holiday spirit without watching terrifying films that might leave you having nightmares.
Crime scene investigators may collect hair, tissue, and even bodily fluids from a victim, or perform various tests, at the scene of the crime.

15 creepy jobs and how much they pay

Coroners, psychics, grave diggers, and crime scene investigators are just a few of the creepiest jobs in the world — and some pay more than others.
Trick or treating on Halloween in the US.

16 things you never knew about Halloween

When did Halloween come to be? Why do we trick-or-treat? Who made the world's first Jack o' lantern? Here are 16 mind-blowing facts about Halloween.
From Fortnite-inspired outfits to throwback 1980s attire, there's a popular costume for everyone this year.

The 10 most popular Halloween costumes in the US

From Fortnite-inspired outfits to throwback 1980s attire, there's a popular costume for everyone this year.
These frightening monsters took hours to carefully carve.

20 incredibly detailed pumpkin carvings that will inspire you this Halloween

Every October, pumpkins carved with grinning faces illuminate neighborhoods — but some people have taken the spooky tradition to the next level.
The mansion features replicas of the family's bedrooms.

You can stay in a spooky home that looks just like the Addams Family mansion for Halloween this year

Guests of the Brooklyn, New York, home can stay in replicas of the fictional family members' bedrooms.