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INSIDER asked several chefs to share their tips for cooking a burger.

How to make the perfect burger, according to chefs

Cooking the perfect burger requires more attention to detail than you might think. INSIDER asked professional chefs what it takes.
McDonald's almost overhauled its packaging and signage back in 1973.

McDonald’s rejected designs from the ’70s could have completely changed the way the fast-food chain looks today

Employees at Rochester Institute of Technology's Vignelli Center for Design Studies found prototypes from a 1973 pitch to overhaul McDonald's image.
YouTuber "Killem" launched a Big Mac into space.

Watch a man eat a Big Mac that he sent to space and back after it landed 3 hours away

Tom Stanniland concluded his experiment by eating the burger, which he described as tasting extremely dry and crumbly.
Veggie burgers are seemingly becoming more popular.

Why meatless burgers may not be the healthiest choice, according to a nutritionist

Some vegetarian patties, though extremely popular, may not be as nutritious as people believe. Here's what an expert has to say.

McDonald’s is considering a dramatic change to its burgers

McDonald's is embarking on the biggest expansion of its fresh beef test to date.

McDonald’s most dramatic menu change in decades takes direct aim at Wendy’s

McDonald's is adding fresh beef patties to 75 restaurants in Northeast Oklahoma, following a test that started earlier this year in the Dallas-Forth Worth area.

Many Americans have a burger preference that chefs hate

Thirty-six percent of Americans prefer their burgers well-done.

This hole-in-the-wall veggie burger shop has more New York Times stars than Shake Shack

This hole-in-the-wall vegetarian burger stand now has more New York Times stars than Shake Shack.