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Bosch will bring a concept for an autonomous shuttle to CES.

The 11 coolest cars we can’t wait to see at CES

This year, automakers like Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and Honda are bringing concept and upcoming production vehicles to CES.
George Clooney.

George Clooney is giving up motorcycle riding and auctioning his Harley-Davidson for charity on eBay

Actor George Clooney has donated his 2017 Harley-Davidson Dresser Touring to eBay for Charity to benefit Home for Our Troops.
President Donald Trump

Trump’s trade war with China is starting to get nasty for US companies

New surveys from the Federal Reserve and Markit found broad price pressures, while firms from Tesla to 3M are expecting millions in new costs.
A Harley-Davidson bike is displayed in their office in Singapore.

Here are 4 big opportunities Harley-Davidson will tackle in the future

Harley-Davidson is making significant changes to its global strategy, but it's remaining committed to its core business. Harley is moving toward a multi-market strategy that will involve partnerships and new motorcycle designs.

Harley-Davidson is taking a big risk by launching new motorcycles by 2020 to grow its business — but it could pay off

Harley-Davidson has announced a new strategy to take on global markets and push forward with electric motorcycles. The iconic company has been reeling from attacks by President Donald Trump and a structurally declining US market.
President Donald Trump

An iconic American music company is warning customers that it may move out of the US because of Trump’s tariffs

Moog Music, manufacturer of the iconic Moog synthesizer, warned customers that President Donald Trump's tariffs on Chinese goods will increase the cost to produce their instruments and possibly lead to layoffs or offshoring.
President Donald Trump speaks briefly to reporters after greeting Harley Davidson executives on the South Lawn of the White House, February 2, 2017

There’s one glaring problem with Trump’s newest attack on Harley-Davidson

President Donald Trump went after Harley-Davidson once again Tuesday for its decision to move some motorcycle production out of the US. The president, however, cited irrelevant data in his attack on the iconic motorcycle company.

Trump threatens Harley-Davidson again, says the company ‘should stay 100% in America’ after ‘I’ve done so much for you’

President Donald Trump continued his campaign against motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson. Trump said that Harley should shift all production back to the US or it would get hit by customers. Harley-Davidson said it would shift some production abroad due to Trump's trade fight with the EU

The Trump administration’s moves hit Harley-Davidson with a ‘triple whammy’ that made them decide to shift production outside the US...

President Donald Trump is trying to pain Harley-Davidson as the bad guy after the company announced it was shifting some production out of the US. But in reality, Trump brought much of the pain on himself.

Trump once called Harley-Davidson ‘a true American icon.’ Now, he’s trashing the motorcycle giant

President Donald Trump heaped praise on Harley-Davidson during a meeting with their executives in February 2017. Now Trump is blasting the company for shifting some production outside of the US due to tariffs.