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"Harry Potter at Home" will include magical craft videos, "Harry Potter" quizzes, and more.

J.K. Rowling launched ‘Harry Potter at Home’ with games and stories so parents with housebound kids have something to do

The online hub includes magical craft videos, quizzes, and puzzles, plus a free audiobook of the first installment in the series.
Rowling has long been known for her philanthropic efforts.

J.K. Rowling dropped licensing fees so teachers can post videos of themselves reading ‘Harry Potter’ books to students

J.K. Rowling was "delighted" to enable teachers who are educating remotely to record themselves reading 'Harry Potter' to their students for free.
J.K. Rowling responded with: "You too, Voldy."

Lord Voldemort told J.K. Rowling to ‘stay safe’ during the coronavirus pandemic on Twitter, and she returned the sentiment

The "Harry Potter" author, who has 14.5 million Twitter followers, responded with: "You too, Voldy," and added a heart emoji.
Pattinson with Kate Moss at the Dior Homme fashion show in Paris this year.

The store owner who gave Robert Pattinson his first job says he found out about his fame after seeing his face in the newspapers he was selling

Vipin Patel arranges all the newspapers and magazines that feature Pattinson on the cover at the front of his store.
Some movie series went out with a bang, but others went out with a slight fizzle.

8 movie series that ended on a high note and 10 that ended on a bad one

Popular film franchises like "Harry Potter" ended on a good note, but others like "Men in Black" left a sour taste in critics' mouths.
Daniel Radcliffe, Robert Pattinson, and Emma Watson have a reported combined net worth of approximately $290 million.

25 former ‘Harry Potter’ stars, ranked by net worth

Daniel Radcliffe tops the the list with a reported net worth of $110 million, while "Twilight" star Robert Pattinson comes in second.

The surprising things 29 actors have taken from movie sets

From "Harry Potter" and "Twilight" to "Fifty Shades of Grey" and "High School Musical," here's what stars took from the sets of their famous films.
One of these four celebrities is a Hufflepuff. Another is a Slytherin.

22 celebrities reveal the ‘Harry Potter’ Hogwarts house they were sorted into

Insider rounded up a list of celebrities who have been sorted according to the official Pottermore quiz.
Wand & Willow owner Wendy Piedad was inspired by all things magical.

You can get pampered at a ‘Harry Potter’-themed day spa in Tennessee complete with potion bottles, cauldrons, and floating candles

The "Harry Potter"-themed Wand & Willow spa in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, has treatments inspired by the wizarding world and subtle nods to the films.
Holland said "Harry Potter" was his "favorite thing ever" as a kid.

Tom Holland said he knows more about Harry Potter than J.K. Rowling: ‘I’m like obsessed’

Holland said he was competing in a "Harry Potter"-themed pub quiz on Friday, which he expects to "smash."