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Harvard Law School just dropped the LSAT as an admissions requirement

Applicants to Harvard Law School will no longer need to take the LSAT to be considered for admission.

14 of the most successful Harvard Law School alumni of all time

From Supreme Court justices to US presidents, Harvard Law School boasts numerous distinguished alumni.

Harvard Law School finally removed the seal of a ‘brutal slaveholder,’ but not everyone agrees with the decision

The Royall family's coat of arms was adopted as the seal to honor slave owner Isaac Royall Jr.'s gift to Harvard upon his death in 1781.

A startup is teaming up with Harvard Law School to ‘free the law’

When you sign up for Ravel Law, you instantly get access to thousands of cases and opinions going all the way back to the 19th Century — for free.

Famous Harvard professor calls some student protesters ‘oppressive intolerants representing the worst of the pack’

World famous attorney, Alan Dershowitz, thinks that free speech is in danger on college campuses.

Famous Harvard professor rips into ‘tyrannical’ student protesters, saying they want ‘superficial diversity’

Alan Dershowitz rips into college students who he says do not want true diversity on college campuses.

Harvard Law School was built using a ‘brutal’ slaveowner’s money, and students are starting to protest

A movement called Royall Must Fall has started at Harvard Law School in protest of a brutal slaveowner's seal that is used as the law school's crest.