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Netizens are up in arms after Netflix featured Singapore and Indonesia in a show on Asian street food, but left out Malaysia

Netflix's new series will feature hawkers from nine countries: Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, India, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. But not Malaysia.

Singapore officially submitted its hawker culture nomination to Unesco with celebratory photos and videos – but some Malaysians aren’t too happy...

Many Malaysian netizens aren't too happy about it. Jimmy Lee's comment read: "Somebody is trying to steal the show."

Parliament: Three areas MEWR wants to improve for new hawker centres

A ground-up workgroup, comprising hawkers and other experts, will be set up soon.

Deliveroo will offer cheap food from 2,000 hawkers by the end of next year – and you can order from more than one stall

Cheap prices, free delivery, and customers can choose dishes from multiple stalls.

A viral post claims NTUC’s bad management is making Old Airport Road hawkers want to retire – here’s what you need to know

This comes after hawker food advocate KF Seetoh started campaigning against unfair contracts hawkers in privately-run hawker centres are made to sign.

With Singapore’s hawker culture set for Unesco heritage list nomination, here are 8 famous street food stalls people love

Take a look at some of most famous local hawker centre stalls around today.